11.2 TYLER HANNA – #UBERPuppies


I opened my email today to find an exclusive offer from Uber! Below is my analysis.

Screenshot 2017-03-22 at 11.57.51 PM

The Four P’s

Product: The product that Uber is offering in this ad is a unique one. So, the promotion is found in the ride-sharing app. The consumer opens the app and is able to have a driver deliver a puppy to them so that the consumer can pet the puppy for 15 mins. This is both an intangible and tangible product because there is a service being offered (the driver delivering the puppy) and something physical that the consumer gets to enjoy (the puppy itself).

Price: It will cost the consumer a whopping $30 to have 15 minutes of snuggle time with a doggo.

Place: The consumer is able to call for a puppy using the Uber app and the driver that responds will bring the puppy to the consumer wherever they are.

Promotion: The promotion for this ad is pretty straightforward. Email marketing to those who most frequently use the Uber app. The design is sleek and simple. The messaging is also very clear with many puns.

Target Market

I believe the target market for this ad to be younger millennials. When I saw this ad, I thought of my friend, Megan Krupka, who is 20 years old. She is obsessed with dogs and will go out of her way to pet one if she sees a dog. This is precisely the type of consumer that Uber is targeting through this advertisement. The crazy dog loving millennial.

Does It Work?

I think for the most part, yes, it does work. I’ll admit, I was even interested in giving this a try and I don’t really care for animals. It is a very intriguing and unique service. However, it was the price point that deterred me. But, hey! If the consumer has $30 to drop on a puppy petting frenzy, then that is their prerogative. So, I would say that, when it comes to the target market, yes, the ad works. Uber has hit the nail right on the head.


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