11.1 TYLER HANNA – Red Bull


I was scrolling my social media feeds searching for an ad to write about (funny how a lot of advertising is done on social media now, huh?), and I found this gem. Red Bull tweeted this ad at the beginning of March. It’s perfect because it’s engaging. Below is my analysis.

The Four P’s

Product: The product that is being advertised here is Red Bull’s new sugar-free energy drinks. This product was probably created to cater to a very specific market of people who enjoy carbonated beverages without the added sugar. I have seen a trend here. The tangible product is meant to give the consumer energy without making them fatter in the process with loads of sugar.

Price: The ad doesn’t specify the price of the product. I would assume it to be $1-$2.

Place: Red Bull, as far as I know it, isn’t able to be purchased online. One must purchase this product either from a wholesaler or retail store.

Promotion: This ad was shown to me as a promoted tweet on Twitter. The ad has minimal text (there are only three sentences) and a 15-second video. The video is very simple. It shows the three flavors of Red Bull’s sugar-free drinks and highlights the limeade and acai berry flavors. One thing that I did notice was that, in the video, you can clearly see the tab being popped. I am curious if this is supposed to trigger some kind of response in the consumer watching the video. Hmm.

Target Market

I think that the target market for this ad is the health conscience millennial living in the United States. I think that this is the target market because of the platform that was used to advertise this product. I also think that millennials are the target market because of the shortness of the video. Millennials are also very health conscience, so this is the perfect product for them.

Does It Work?

I think that this advertisement works. I think that it works because it is short, appealing, and on the right platform. The short messaging syncs nicely with the shortness of the video. Millennials on Twitter will be pleasantly surprised by the engagement elicited by this ad.



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