10.4 TYLER HANNA – Spectacles

The Four P’s

Product: The product that is featured in this commercial is Snap, Inc’s Spectacles. These are an entertainment product used to decrease boredom in the consumer and also shoot their Snaps from a first-person POV.

Price: The price for Spectacles isn’t listed in the ad but I know that they are around $120.

Place: Spectacles are an interesting product because you can’t purchase them in retail stores. Instead, they have these Snap bots, as they’re referred to, that are deployed and land in parking lots and sell these Spectacles for a couple hours. That is one way to purchase these and I think that one can purchase them online.

Promotion: I discovered this ad on YouTube. The ad features a bunch of young kids skateboarding and having a good time. The video quality is really good and the ad is about 30-seconds long, which helps.

Target Market

The target market for this product is obviously millennials. I believe this because of all of the young people featured in the ad and the product is technology, which millennials live and die for.

Does It Work?

Yes, I think that this ad totally works. As someone apart of the target market, I think that this ad is super dope. I don’t have the money to purchase Spectacle, but if I did I would definitely buy them right now! This ad works because it appeals to what the target market wants: technology and fun.


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