10.2 TYLER HANNA – Mass Effect

Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 9.49.46 PM

The Four P’s

Product: The product that is being offered here is a video game called Mass Effect. This is primarily a good that gives the consumer some form of entertainment. It solves the need of boredom.

Price: The ad doesn’t specify how much the video game will cost but I would estimate it to be somewhere between $50-$70.

Place: The consumer can either purchase the game online or in a retail store. The game is a physical copy, I assume. So, the consumer would need to play their game on a console in their home.

Promotion: I discovered this banner ad while on one of my favorite anime websites. It is definitely hard to miss and I believe that they are placing it in the right spot. Many gamers also enjoy anime, I assume.

Target Market

I think that the target market for this ad is young, white male, gamers who live in the United States who also enjoy anime. I believe this because I discovered the ad on an anime website and I believe that those interested in anime are also mostly likely interested in video games. The ad also looks super cool, so the design also appeals specifically to the target market.

Does It Work?

Eh, I think that those anticipating the games release already know where to find it and don’t need to be convinced. Perhaps the ad is simply meant to reinforce the purchase, which in that case I believe it works. Gamers are very serious about their games. They either buy or they don’t. I haven’t really discovered much in between with that group. So, I think in once sense it works (to raise awareness) but in another sense (to generate sales), it doesn’t.


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