10.3 TYLER HANNA – Indeed

Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 11.06.55 PM

The Four P’s

Product: The product that is being offered through this advertisement is a website titled Indeed. Indeed assists recruiting and HR specialists to find qualified candidates for open positions. The website acts as a bridge between recruiters and job-seekers in order to please both parties.

Price: The ad doesn’t necessarily specify how much Indeed costs recruiters, but it does give recruiters a $5,000 incentive to hire on Indeed’s platform.

Place: Indeed is an online platform so in order to use its services one must be able to access the site online.

Promotion: This was a sponsored post directly on my Facebook feed. The ad highlights several of my friends who have liked Indeed’s Facebook page. The ad is designed very nicely and the $5,000 incentive really pops out.

Target Market

I believe that the target is business owners in the United States. I believe this to be true because the ad was served to me, first of all, and only business owners, or those in charge of hiring for businesses, would see this ad.

Does It Work?

I think that, yes, this ad works. This ad works because it has an air of professionalism to it, which would appeal to the target market if they are business owners. I also think that it works because of the highlighted $5,000. This is a large incentive for employers and I’m certain that it has some effect.


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