8.4 TYLER HANNA – Five Four Club


I was on Facebook when I scrolled past a video advertisement for the Five Four Club. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save the video but I do remember it. Below is my analysis of the video that I saw.

The Four P’s

Product: The product that Five Four was pushing through their video ad was their clothing box subscription service. This is both a tangible and intangible product. It is both because of the clothes that the consumer gets to purchase and the delivery that accompanies the service. The consumer gets high-quality clothing and gets to save himself a trip to the store.

Price: The monthly subscription fee is $60.

Place: Five Four items are not available in stores. One must order online and have their products shipped directly to them.

Promotion: The promo that I saw was in the form of a video. It was 30 seconds long and it was located on my Facebook feed as a sponsored post. The video featured footage from a first-person POV of a consumer receiving and opening their Five Four package. The element of surprise was present in the video.

Target Market

I know that the target market for this product is millennial men in the United States who are perhaps more successful in terms of career and have less leisure time because of their career. I believe this because of Five Four’s business model. They cater to the time needs of their customers and their service is fairly mid-market priced. The video also was very short; it needed to capture young men’s attentions quickly.

Does It Work?

Eh, I think that to some degree Five Four’s business model works. I mean, it must be working. But the video that I saw wasn’t very convincing. It didn’t grab me and it didn’t necessarily make me want to buy their clothes. Sorry, Five Four. Maybe next time.



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