8.3 TYLER HANNA – Domino’s


Tonight, my roommate James and I discovered that the cafeteria wasn’t open for spring break. So, we were S.O.L. for dinner. It was then that we decided to go halfsies on some Domino’s pizza. The image below greeted me when I got to the Domino’s website.


The Four P’s

Product: The product that Domino’s is pushing with this ad is their medium 2-topping pizzas. This product is tangible and it is also delicious, I might add. This product does not simply satisfy a physical need for the client. It is also a convenience product. The consumer can have their pizza delivered to their door in less than an hour and for little cost.

Price: The ad that I am specifically focusing on promotes two pizzas for $5.99 each. A total of $12 for two pizzas with the deal.

Place: This product must be ordered online or over the phone and either delivered to the consumer’s home or ordered carry out.

Promotion: This ad was plastered directly on Domino’s front page. I saw it immediately. There is a ton of food on this image and the prices are bolded and blown up. I believe that Domino’s is trying to get the consumer to associate their delicious food with their low prices. Which is a good idea because I don’t know any other pizza places offering this kind of deal. Domino’s also makes it very easy for the consumer to select one of their deals. They are attempting to remove all obstacles between the consumer and their product.

Target Market

I believe that the target market for this ad is millennial white men, who are in college, who live in the United States. I believe this because Domino’s is offering their pizzas at a low price and several of them for the price of one. College students are notorious for eating pizza and not having a lot of money. Domino’s is also trying to get the consumer to associate their product with a low price. This is another reason that I believe that Domino’s is targeting millennial men in college.

Does It Work?

Yes, I believe that this ad works. It works well. It works because Domino’s within the last few years has upgraded their product so that it doesn’t seem cheap. It is perceived as a higher quality product. Couple this perception with a reduction in price and that is why this deal works. Domino’s only has to direct their consumers to the deal. Which is exactly what they do.


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