8.2 TYLER HANNA – Ben and Jerry’s


Tonight, as I walked into CVS, I saw a sign in the freezer section that said “2 for $8”. There was a deal on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and I was there specifically to buy treats. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking and I didn’t take a picture of the promotion. So, you’ll just have to take my word for it that I really saw it šŸ˜‰ Below is an analysis of the ad that I saw.


This is my favorite kind of ice cream btw…

The Four P’s

Product:Ā The product that was advertised was Ben and Jerry’s delicious ice cream. This ice cream is iconic in that it is not only a satisfying for your sweet tooth, but it is one of the highest-quality, if not the highest-quality, brands of ice cream on the market. This ice cream provides the consumer with a physical satisfaction as well as an intrinsic satisfaction because of the quality of the brand.

Price:Ā The price that was advertised was “2 for $8”. Originally, one pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream isĀ $4.50. So, the consumer would be saving around $1 if they bought two pints.

Place:Ā I saw this ad directly in the store at the point-of-purchase.

Promotion:Ā The promotional aspect of this advertisement was very straightforward and traditional. There was a little yellow sign clipped to the freezer section that said, “2 for $8, Ben and Jerry’s”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Target Market

Hmmmm, really good question. I guess my first response is, “I don’t have a stinkin’ clue who the target market is.” If I think about it a little more, I guess I would say that the target market is a mother, perhaps lower income, perhaps slightly less educated, and she lives in the United States. I believe this because moms are always trying to clip coupons and capitalize on deals in the convenientĀ store. This CVS was also located in a dicier part of South Minneapolis. Which leads me to believe that the people in that area are slightly poorer and slightly less educated.

Does It Work?

I don’t think that this advertisement works. Why? Because I didn’t end up buying two Ben and Jerry’s! I only bought one! $1 is not that muchĀ of an incentive. And I was trying to be conservative with my money. So, perhaps that is how the target market might feel. $1 isn’t that big of savings compared to all of the calories, sugar, and price that one would incur through the purchase of a second pint. The consumer would also have to have a CVS card in order to receive this deal. So, in my opinion, no, this advertisement doesn’t work. Try again next time, CVS.



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