7.4 TYLER HANNA – Sprite


After watching Chance the Rapper’s Kit Kat commercial, a video for Sprite popped up on my YouTube feed. The Sprite commercial featured LeBron James and Lil’ Yachty (another rapper, not as good as Chance). I decided to watch it and critique it. Below is my analysis.

The Four P’s

Product: The product that Sprite is pushing with this advertisement is their soda. This product aids the consumer in relieving their thirst. The product is also associated with the two celebrities in the video, so it communicates that prestige and status. If the consumer wants to be like LeBron James and Lil’ Yachty, then they had better drink Sprite.

Price: The price for a Sprite isn’t listed anywhere in the commercial, but I would estimate its price at $1.50.

Place: In order to purchase a Sprite, a consumer would have to purchase it in stores. I don’t believe Sprite sells their product online.

Promotion: This ad was promoted on YouTube, obviously. It was also in video format and most likely shared to Sprite’s social media platforms. The ad also features two prominent celebrities: LeBron James and Lil’ Yachty.

Target Market

The target market for this advertisement is millennial males who are interested in basketball or hip-hop music in the United States. I know this because these are two celebrities who are very well known among millennials. Lil’ Yachty is so fresh that I would actually argue that not many Gen Xers or Baby Boomers would even know who he is. The fact that he is in the video is representative of who Sprite is targeting with this ad.

Does It Work?

Does this ad work? I think that it totally does. It is a great mixture of comedy, credibility, and creativity all rolled into one minute of footage. It’s timely enough to grab the consumer’s attention and short enough to hold their attention all the way through to the end of the commercial. This ad works because it is everything that the millennial loves. Short, sweet, and funny.


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