7.2 TYLER HANNA – Amazon


Earlier this week, I had this email sent to my inbox. Below is an analysis of the advertising contained within that email.


The Four P’s

Product: There is no specific product that Amazon is offering through this advertisement. Instead, they are promoting their service, which is intangible. Amazon’s service is like a retail store on steroids. It is meant to deliver products to consumers in a matter of days or even hours. Consumers didn’t necessarily know that they could have a service like Amazon until Amazon came around.

Price: Since there is no specific product being promoted, there is no specific price advertised. However, this advertisement is for a coupon that would provide the consumer with $8.62 of their purchase of $50 or more. So, the consumer would have to spend at least $50 in order to receive the discount.

Place: The consumer would receive their product(s) that they purchased from Amazon directly on their doorstep!

Promotion: This ad was sent directly to my email inbox! This type of marketing is known as “direct mail marketing”. From what I know, it is a successful form of marketing as far as conversion rates go.

Target Market

I believe that the target market for this advertisement is the mass market in the United States. I know this to be true because Amazon’s overall target market is the mass market. Also, the messaging in this email isn’t very specific. It is very general. They also, given the email, just want to reward their customers with the coupon. Their customers being the mass market.

Does It Work?

Yes, I think that this advertisement works. One, as an Amazon user, this email was sent directly to my inbox. I have purchased products on Amazon before and Amazon knows this. So, they delivered this coupon only to those that have used their services before. Second, there are no strings attached to this deal. Who wouldn’t want a discount on their products? So, yes, it works because they only deliver the ad to consumers that they know are interested in their services, and they are offering a discount with no strings attached.


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