7.1 TYLER HANNA – Kit Kat


While out with my friend Matthew for lunch, I got to discuss one of my favorite new genres of music: mumble rap. During the midst of that conversation, Matthew showed me this Kit Kat commercial featuring Chance the Rapper. Below is my analysis of that commercial.


The Four P’s

Product: The product that Kit Kat is pushing is their Kit Kat bars. This product is tangible and it is meant to cure hunger in the consumer while also providing him/her with some sweet relief. Kit Kat associates the product with Chance the Rapper, who is huge right now. This is an appeal to the value of “community” on behalf of Kit Kat.

Price: The price of the product is not mentioned in this commercial; however, I believe the price for one Kit Kat bar to be around $1. It is implied that the consumer would pay the regular price.

Place: The consumer is able to purchase a Kit Kat bar at any convenience store/grocery store.

Promotion: The promotional aspect of this advertisement is obviously a commercial. The commercial is shot in HD and in a convenience store. The commercial features Chance the Rapper, who just won three Grammys last week. I’m unsure if the video was released to television, but I did find the video on YouTube. Kit Kat most likely shared this video to their social media platforms to further spread it. The video currently has around 630,000 views as of February 2017.

Target Market

The target market for this commercial is millennials in the United States. I know this because of the platform that Kit Kat decided to upload this commercial on (YouTube). Millennials are heavy into social media, we all know that. Secondly, I know this is the target market because of the celebrity that Kit Kat has in the commercial (Chance the Rapper). Chance is huge (and that is an understatement) among millennials. He’s also incredibly popular and relevant right now. This was a timely and strategic ad on Kit Kat’s part.

Does It Work?

Does it work? You tell me. Here are some examples of comments that I found on the YouTube video.





Yes, this ad works and it kicks major butt. Way to go Kit Kat.



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