6.3 TYLER HANNA – Grand Ole Creamery


Tonight, I got to visit one of my favorite ice cream spots in the Twin Cities, Grand Ole Creamery. I got a root beer float and it was delicious 🙂 The sign below was posted in the shop.


The Four P’s

Product: The product that Grand Ole Creamery is pushing is their ice cream. This is a tangible good and it provides the consumer with relief from hunger. It is also a delicious and it provides the consumer with additional value, other than relief from hunger. Grand Ole Creamery is also a well-known ice cream establishment, so they are able to charge a premium.

Price: The price that is being advertised is 2 pints of ice cream and the 3rd pint is free. I wasn’t able to see the price of one of their pints, but the deal states that the customer would get the third pint for the price of two.

Place: This advertisement was found inside of the Grand Ole Creamery store.

Promotion: The promotional aspect of this ad is ancient. It was written with a dry-erase marker on a white board found inside of the store. This is actually very strategic of GOC because the customer that is already in the store to purchase ice cream could impulsively see the advertisement and decide to splurge.

Target Market

The target market for this advertisement is married Gen-Xers who live in St. Paul. I believe this because of the premium price point that Grand Ole Creamery sets, the method of advertising (white board in the store), and the location of the store (it is off Grand Ave in a more well-off neighborhood in St. Paul).

Does It Work?

Eh, I’m not totally sure if this advertisement works. I can see people entering the store and reading it, but then totally forgetting about it. I also think that most people entering the store are there to purchase cones or bowls and not pints of ice cream. So, GOC is not necessarily grabbing the attention of those customers. I think that this advertisement probably works on 1-2 customers a day, but I am not totally convinced that it “works”.


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