Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I spent it alone (which I was okay with). While scrolling through social media as I usually do, I noticed this BOGO advertisement by Segue. The deal was just too good to pass up, so I went and took them up on their deal! The coffee was delicious, and the ad was inspiring. Below is my analysis of Segue’s advertisement.


The Four P’s

Product: The product that Segue is pushing is their coffee (two for one to be specific)! Their coffee is a tangible product that solves the consumer thirst. Segue is also offering the concept of a “third place” to take one’s Valentine to. They are selling much more than coffee.

Price: This promotion is specifically for a Buy One Get One. Whatever the consumer decides to purchase at that price point, he/she will subsequently get one drink for free. The free drink is relative to whatever the consumer decides to purchase initially.

Place: I saw this advertisement on Facebook and only on Facebook. I believe that this was a strategic move on Segue’s part. They were trying to pull consumers from social media into their coffee shop.

Promotion: This advertisement is timely because it capitalizes on something relevant i.e. Valentine’s Day. I believe that Segue specifically chose the channel Facebook because that is where their target market is. The design of the picture is also cute and it fits in well with Segue’s overall brand.

Target Market

The target market for this advertisement was millennials who are in a relationship. Possibly even North Central couples. I don’t think I want to go that far, though. I believe that millennials are the target market because the cute, simplistic design would appeal to millennials, Segue’s overall target market is millennials, they utilized Facebook as a platform, and they’re right on a college campus.

Does It Work?

Yes, it most definitely worked. In fact, as soon as I saw this advertisement, I made a mental note to return to it later so that I could use it. Sure enough, several hours later I went to Segue’s Facebook page in search of the post. I found it and I immediately went to Segue for my 2-for-1. Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t bad 😉


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