6.1 TYLER HANNA – Let’s Talk About Sex


While I was walking the halls of NCU today, I noticed this poster below. It caught my attention because it had “Sex” written in really big letters. It was the most eye-catching poster tacked to the board. Frankly, I thought it was great. It’s the best poster that I’ve seen at NCU in awhile. Below is my analysis.



The Four P’s

Product: The product that is being pushed by this advertisement is the chapel service on Feb. 15th, which is intangible. The chapel is centered around the topic of sex (obviously) and it is aimed at helping students clear up misconceptions about sex in a Christian context. This is very much needed, I would say because for the longest time Christians have perceived sex as a taboo topic. Christians need to talk about this subject.

Price: The price of this chapel is free! Although, if one decides to skip and overskip during this chapel, then it will be costly 😉

Place: This advertisement was specifically on the poster board in the CLC. The ad can be found on the other poster boards around campus as well. I have also seen this ad on Skyline and I believe social media. They are doing a multi-channel push for this chapel service.

Promotion: Like I stated before, the promotion (specifically the poster design) is what grabbed me. The word “sex” is huge in order to draw the eye to the poster. It works. The words are contained in a speech bubble, which fits perfectly with the brand. Finally, the candy hearts in the background are a nod to Valentine’s Day, which is the day before this chapel.

Target Market

The target market for this advertisement is non-married students who attend North Central University (obviously). These students probably grew up home-schooled and sheltered by their overprotective parents when it came to subjects like sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll. They have little understanding in sex and relationships in general, I would say. The students at NCU could really benefit from this chapel service. Great topic, NCU.

Does It Work?

I think that this advertisement definitely works! I was intrigued by it. I guess the only way to know for sure though is to see if there are many students in chapel on Wednesday. The poster works on several levels. The first level, which is informational, succeeds simply because all of the necessary information is communicated through this ad. The second level, which is creativity, hits a home run. Like I said earlier, this is one of the best posters at NCU that I’ve seen in awhile. The third level, brand congruency, also works because there is congruency with the entirety of the poster. Design, message, text, colors. It all syncs up. So, yes, this poster works.


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