5.4 TYLER HANNA – Mrs. Freshley’s Part 2


Again, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw an excellent sponsored post by Mrs. Freshley’s! I just had to write about it because I thought the ad was very timely. Below is my analysis.


The Four P’s

Product: The tangible product that Mrs. Freshley’s is pushing with this ad is their chocolate cupcakes (yum)! The problem that these little beauties solve is the problem of hunger, but that hunger is at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy. It would also seem that Mrs. Freshley’s also solves the problem of “a lack of community”. They are building a community online of people that love their product. This is a more advanced level of marketing. So, at its simplest form, Mrs. Freshley’s chocolate cupcakes solve people’s problems of being hungry but they appeal to the consumer’s higher level need of belonging.

Price: The ad doesn’t specify how much one would pay for these cupcakes. My guess is no more than $3 for a pack of two. Really reasonable.

Place: Unfortunately, one cannot purchase Mrs. Freshley’s delicious cupcakes online (sad face). One would have to purchase them at a grocery/convienience store.

Promotion: The promotional aspect of this ad is what got me. The main reason that I enjoyed this ad so much was because it was so timely! The Lego Batman Movie came out today and I saw this sponsored ad today as well. This was no accident on Mrs. Freshley’s part; it was very intentional. That is why this sponsored post showed up on my feed! Mrs. Freshley’s capitalized on a brand new movie and utilized the correct platform to do so, I believe.

Target Market

Based on this advertisement, I would have to say that Mrs. Freshley’s is targeting millennials. I can infur this based on the platform that they’re utilizing (millennials comprise the largest demographic) and that they have connected this ad to a movie that many millennials will go and see.

Does It Work?

I think that this ad definitly works! As a millennial and as a marketer, this ad immediately caught my eye. Not because it was a sponsored post but because it was such a good post. It was a timely, creative, and engaging ad and those are all of the things that an advertisement should try to be.


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