5.1 TYLER HANNA – Marshalls


While I was in my room brewing a french press, I noticed the tag below on my floor. Picking it up, I saw that it was a Marshalls tag! The following is an analysis of their brand logo.



The Marshalls logo is one of the simplest logos I have ever seen. The word itself is generic. The font is generic. The colors are generic. Everything about this logo screams generic! There is a slight deviation with the “M” at the beginning of “Marshalls,” but other than that nothing really draws my eye to this logo. If I had to bring up a positive quality, I would say that the message that Marshalls is trying to communicate with this logo is consistency and reliability. Marshalls always has the basic, middle to upper class clothing that one would need. Always.


Marshalls three largest competitors are Ross, Retail Ventures, and Men’s Wearhouse. All three of their logos employ a similar color scheme to Marshalls. The text on all of them is one color while the color of the background is a contrasting color (which draws the eye). All three logos utilize simple font and don’t deviate too much from the standard. Retail Venture’s logo stands out among the three with the colorful and unique DNA strand. Overall, there seems to be a theme of generic text, generic colors, and generic words among all four of the logos.

Marshalls’ logo, in comparison to their competitors, falls by the wayside. There is nothing that the Marshalls logo offers me that the other logos don’t. All of the competitors logos communicate reliability and, in the case of Retail Ventures and Men’s Wearhouse, a particular kind of style. I would recommend that Marshalls updates their logo to keep up with current trends, showcase their style a little bit better, and be a more formidable brand for their competitors.

Target Market

I believe that the target market for this brand is the middle-aged, middle-to-upper class mom. This lady wants to mainly buy clothing and home goods for her family. And if she decides to buy something for herself, she would like it to look good and be trendy. So, this mom is looking for a place to shop for her family that won’t break her bank but it will keep her family (and herself) looking nice and respectable.

Does It Work?

I believe that when it comes to the target market, yes, Marshalls’ logo does work. If Marshalls was trying to appeal to me, then I would say no, that it doesn’t work. Marshalls logo and brand work though because I believe that they know their customer and they know what their customer wants. Marshalls is an example of basic marketing 101. 1. Discover what the customer values 2. Provide that to the customer 3. Repeat the process and adapt accordingly. People know what to expect when they step into a Marshalls store and that is because Marshalls has done a great job at communicating their UVP. The Marshalls logo is simply another touch point for customers to experience Marshalls reliability, simplicity, and affordability.


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