4.4 TYLER HANNA – Hootsuite


While I was scrolling my Facebook feed, I came upon a sponsored post for my favorite social media management platform, Hootsuite! As you can tell, I don’t get out much.


The Four P’s

Product: The product that Hootsuite is offering through this advertisement is a free trail for their Professional subscription. This product is, of course, intangible. This offer doesn’t necessarily solve a problem for the consumer, but it is very attractive. I’m assuming that I’m seeing this because I have “liked” Hootsuite’s page and they are assuming that I have used their product before (I have). They are not really trying to solve a problem with this advertisement, rather they are trying to entice current (assumed) users to upgrade.

Price: The price for this free trail is free! Go figure. I’m not sure what the monthly price is for a Professional subscription, but I do know that it is not cheap. The free price tag on this ad is enticing – even if it is just a free trail.

Place: The consumer is able to redeem this offer online. Hootsuite doesn’t offer any products outside of their online selection (obvi). Overall, this is a good strategy for Hootsuite because their entire product base (and target market) is online.

Promotion: Hootsuite’s promotional strategy is well-thought-out and enticing. As someone who uses Hootsuite, I know that this free trail is a good deal. Hootsuite free trials usually last for several months. The fact that I’m seeing this promotion on my feed means that Hootsuite probably selectively targeted me to see that ad. The promotion itself is enticing and the channel that Hootsuite uses (Facebook) makes perfect sense.

Target Market

I believe that the target market for this advertisement is the millennial male who uses Hootsuite or who has liked Hootsuite’s Facebook page. I know this because, again, Facebook allows marketers to hyper-target people that they want to deliver ads to. It was no coincidence that I am seeing this on my feed. It was a very, very intentional marketing move on Hootsuite’s part.

Does It Work?

Yes, I do think that this ad works. I will let you know that I am moments away from clicking on it and redeeming the offer. I need some help managing all of the social platforms that I am in charge in. So, this ad is very enticing to me, the target market. I would assume that as this ad spreads, it will gain traction. Hootsuite is known for offering great trials. That is another reason why I believe that this ad works. It’s reputable and attractive.


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