4.2 TYLER HANNA – Mrs. Freshley’s


While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across the awesome sponsored post below. Mrs. Freshley’s is a snack cakes company and no, they do not sell cinnamon roll scented body spray! The post was so bizarre that it immediately grabbed my attention and I wrote about it. Below is my analysis.


The Four P’s

Product: The product that Mrs. Freshley’s is pushing is not body spray but their cinnamon rolls! This is a tangible product, obviously, and the benefit to the consumer that it provides is relief from hunger in a sweet, convenient way.

Price: The advertisement doesn’t specify the price for the cinnamon rolls, and I don’t think that it necessarily intended to do that. I would say that a single pack of these cinnamon rolls probably costs one less than $5.

Place: Mrs. Freshley’s cinnamon rolls cannot be purchased online. They must be purchased in a grocery store. This is a little bit of an oversight, I believe. Perhaps Mrs. Freshley’s could generate more revenue if they were to sell their product online. Just a thought.

Promotion: The promotion is my favorite part of this ad. First of all, it is incredibly eye-grabbing. “Cinnamon roll body spray?” I thought to myself when I saw the ad. “That can’t be right.” So, from there, I was prompted to check in to their brand. Their advertising strategy totally hooked me from the get-go. The channel of communication, social media, was also a wise choice.

Target Market

I believe that I can infer the target market to be millennial men who have a sweet tooth. These millennial men might have a relatively poor diet and game a little bit more than the average human being. They could also lead busy lives (not busy because they are busy but busy because they lack time management skills) and would like a quick snack to tide themselves over. They do not want to sacrifice taste for cost, however. So, both the quality and the price is important to the consumer. Price a little bit more so than quality, I would say.

Does It Work?

I believe that, yes, this ad definitely works. For one, it is super creative. The ad immediately caught my eye and aroused my curiosity. I found myself wanting to know more about this product. Secondly, Mrs. Freshley’s choose the correct medium to share this advertisement with me. If the target market for this product is millennials, then they have certainly nailed it. The ad is eye-catching, timely, and fresh (no pun intended).


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