3.4 TYLER HANNA – Liberty University


Earlier this week, I was considering where I wanted to pursue my Masters in Theological Studies. It was a decision that I made recently and like the nerd that I am decided to conduct some research. These are the three Google ads that popped up in my search results when I searched for “theology schools”. I will be focusing on Liberty University.


The Fours P’s

Product: The intangible product that Liberty University is offering is education. Online theological education to be specific. They highlight their flexible courses, affordability, and a few other things to say, “Hey! This is a great program!”

Price: Since this is a school, one would have to pay tuition in order to receive the theological education. The ad does not tell me how much tuition is. My guess is that it probably isn’t cheap. It is a private, Christian college. Of course, it will be expensive.

Place: Online education is how one would go about receiving education from Liberty University through this advertisement.

Promotion: Clearly Liberty University is using Google Ads in order to promote their online education. An online form of marketing is an excellent choice to reach their target consumers.

Target Market

The target market for Liberty’s online education program is a middle-aged man with moderate to high income in the United States interested in pursuing graduate work in theology… I mean, it’s an evangelical, private Christian college. Do I really have to justify that this is who they are targeting?

Does It Work?

I believe that, yes, this ad works for Liberty University. They are paying top dollar in order to have the first spot on a Google search. If this strategy wasn’t paying off for them, then they would not waste their money on this type of advertising (you would think). Another reason that this ad works is because Liberty is reaching the consumer right where they’re at. A student who is seeking online education is obviously going to be searching online. Paying for the first spot on a Google search must be paying off for Liberty.


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