3.1 Tyler Hanna – Crate Your Phone


The other day, I scrolled past this image on my Instagram feed.


This is not something that Simon Sinek typically posts and that is why it caught my eye. The product is called “Crate Your Phone” and it is simply a crate that doubles as decor and a place to set your mobile device. The company is attempting to appeal to the consumer’s value of “being present” since smartphone technology often distracts people from face-to-face conversation. That is this products UVP.

The Four P’s

Product: The product itself is a tangible good as opposed to a service offered by the company. The product, however, does come with a byproduct and that is a return to genuine connection, among two people or more. It is a simple product made of wood with calligraphy writing to give it a pretty, DIY feel. It is simple and would accent any living room or kitchen that it would find itself in.

Price: After navigating my way to their website, I found that Crate Your Phone’s price point is $24.99 (plus free shipping). This seems like a reasonable price point for their target market. I noticed that they recently lowered the price by 17% from $29.99. I am curious if their price point was too high and they are attempting to drive demand by lowering their price point. I am also unsure of what competitors are pricing their products at (or if there are other competitors). This seems like a new idea.

Place: Crate Your Phone sells their products directly online. This is strategic as it allows the company to keep their costs low while appealing to a wide audience. This is also a better strategy than say, a brick-and-mortar business. The company would only be able to market to one community, essentially, and their overhead would be high. E-commerce was a good choice.

Promotion: I was looking forward to this section! Okay, this form of marketing is referred to as “Influencer Marketing”. The strategy is to reach an influencer and then the company will end up reaching that influencers audience. The bigger the influencer, the bigger the audience. Think of influencer marketing as word-of-mouth marketing on steroids. Anyway, Crate Your Phone is not overtly marketing their product, Simon Sinek is! Influencer marketing can be incredibly cost-effective and produce great results. It is also a hot marketing trend at the moment. Smart move Crate Your Phone, smart move.

Target Market

The target market for this product is middle-aged, middle-class women with kids, living in the United States (mass market, obviously). I know this because of the items that the company has chosen to associate with the Crate (see below; wine and flowers), the moderate price point, the products recent features in Good Housekeeping Magazine and the CBS LA Morning Show, and its only commercial (see below). It is almost too easy to spot who they are targeting. I am interested to see if this strategy reached their target market. I think that Crate Your Phone definitely saw a spike in sales but I am uncertain if they were effective in reaching their target market. I’m going to say that yes, perhaps they did reach their target market effectively. Instagram is used by a lot of millennial moms and Simon Sinek recently had his “Millenial Question” video go viral on Facebook. It is likely that after that video went viral, some millennial moms followed Simon on Instagram. Yes, I do think that this strategy was effective.


Does It Work?

Like I said, I think that Crate Your Phone saw a significant spike in sales. So, in that sense, this marketing strategy worked. I think that this strategy could have potentially gained them some mainstream exposure as well. The photo that Simon posted garnered almost 3,000 likes in one day with a ton of engagement. Which is a significant increase from their own social marketing efforts; one thing is for sure, this strategy definitely didn’t fail.


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